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What I did on vacation

Things To Do When Travelling with Family 

The trips my family and I take feel similar to comedy movies. An over packed car, siblings pranking us at an early morning, likely missing crucial luggage and an overly stressed father double-checking everything.  But despite the stressful stuff, the trips my family and I take are always my favorite ones. And this trip was super nice, just waking up to no plans. Wonderful.

I read, read, and read.

I am an enthusiastic reader. A few years back I used to read tons of books and I never ever left the house without one. As responsibilities (university, work, other stuff probably important) increased,  time devoted to reading decreased. Nowadays, the majority of reading takes place on – you guessed it – car rides to Albania or other places we go for the weekend. However, during this vacation I could hardly pry books out of my hands. I read 4 books in 10 days.

  1. Life of Pi (re-read)
  2. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  3. I let you go
  4. Our countless numbered days

All of them were easy read books you could eat up in two days, I’d recommend all of them when you’re on vacation.


I kept active (please don’t throw stuff at me)

Being active does not have to be boring or simply have a negative connotation (especially during vacation). You define what being active is for you, and for me it happens to be yoga, running, dancing and swimming (during vacations). I am just not fond of the idea that just because you are on vacation you should be abusing sleep and chill Our body really really needs rest but it is also important to know that our bodies are made to move. Movement is what keeps us alive. Our heart beats, our blood flows, are muscles contract, we breathe. Kick in some “activeness” whenever you can, you will feel 100% better. But make sure it’s something fun. 

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I ate, ate, ate.

Do I need to say much here? The pleasure of eating is just immensely powerful.


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I took a lot of pictures.

Pictures of myself, pictures of my family, pictures of my surroundings. Just keeping memories alive.

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