The old and the overalls

Dear readers,

One of my favorite bloggers, Danielle, said that “Overalls are her second skin.” Well, overalls happen to be my second skin too. I have a pair of them, and I wear them whenever I come up with a great combination. Let me share with you the history of overalls, because I find it quite appealing. Overalls were mostly famous in the 20th century, and were usually worn by working people. People who wore overalls usually wore them because they protected them, however, overalls gained their popularity later on when the world fashion began to rise.

Throughout my simple research of people on the street, on Instagram, Facebook etc, I have learned that people have the tendency of bringing back the old. When talking about style and fashion, in my personal opinion, bringing back the old is a great idea (I happen to be an old soul). However, if you carefully combine the old with the modern, you’ll create an outfit (or anything else) that is both appealing and interesting.

Below is an outfit that I created by combining my vintage overalls with modern-ish things and I have also chosen two pictures from one of my favorite bloggers Danielle.

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  1. To be honest, I’ve always thought that overalls were so unfashionable and they brought bad memories back from grade 2 when I had to use the bathroom really badly, but you’ve completely changed my mind! Haha, I am loving those outfits! By the way, I can’t help, but see a resemblance of Lucy Hale in that first picture.
    I’ve linked your blog to a post nominating you for the Liebster award. Have a nice day. 🙂

    1. Dear Emily,

      I feel amazing knowing that I have managed to change your mind about overalls. They are really cute and comfy, and I bet they will look great on you. As for the resemblance with Lucy Hale, a lot of people have told me that too. I thank you and hope to inspire you in creating more outfits or any other thing. Take care Emily, thank you again 🙂

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