Red traffic lights

Red touch

Why do you think we have red traffic lights…or red stop signs? This attention grabbing color is the universal color for danger. However, danger is not exactly my point in this post. But as you can see, red manages to grab your attention everywhere, whether you have it on your lips, body or feet. The reason I have chosen my red high heels as a main topic and king of a metaphor is because they brought me luck many times. I am not trying to be superstitious, but hey, China thinks red is the color for good luck. Furthermore, I believe that you need and deserve to feel confident, and in order to get the right amount of confidence you should know which color does what so you can easily choose the color of your heels, lips, dress, hair, nails or anything. If you choose this fascinating color red, you will feel powerful, sexy, confident, spontaneous and I can assure you that you will turn heads everywhere you walk.  Have it from me, every time I wore my red high heels I felt confident. I really don’t know why. Were people giving me the right attention or was I giving them a glimpse of a young confident lady in red because of my red heels?

And wDevil wears redhat about love? Red symbolizes strong emotions. Don’t you want to feel loved?


P.S I took these pictures. My love for photography is never-ending!

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  1. Great red heels. 😉

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