Obituary to myself

My friend, Lum Ramabaja, wrote this obituary and I loved it.

Obituary to myself

“Ladies, gentlemen, artificial life forms! We are gathered here to remember our friend Lum Ramabaja.

He died on his 99th birthday in New New Zealand. Blowing all those candles was just too much for him… And the fact that he fell with his face on the cake doesn’t make the situation better.

Even though Lum was a pain in the ass sometimes, he was still a good guy.

Lum will always be remembered as the hero who saved us against the alien invasion of 2065. Who knew his Kung Fu skills would ever help him out…
Personally, as Lum’s coworker and friend, I will remember him as the crazy guy who tried to make a contribution in the field of synthetic biology. I remember the day Lum once created a deadly virus, dangerous enough to extinguish humanity. Silly Lum… He always liked experiments.
You might ask “why the hell are we in a forest right now?”. Well, since Lum didn’t believe in a supernatural force, his last wish was to be buried in this forest, where his mass and thermal energy could be used as food for plants and microorganisms to grow in. Except his Brain. His brain was donated to our lab for neurological research. Lum thought that by donating his brain, he could help humanity quire new knowledge.
After Lum’s death, we translated his neurological pathways into a binary system. His new android body will be ready next Monday. Until then, his “soul” will be online on the Internet.
Peace and Prosperity.”

Here is the link to his blog http://lumramabaja.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/obituary-for-myself/ CHECK IT OUT!

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