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Ku po shkojme per fundjave?

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain

In less than a day, the city of Prizren will be the home to a gathering of writers, wanderers, technology lovers, travel bloggers, photography lovers and mainly people who are determined on having a great and productive weekend. Over the course of the DOKU:TECH conference, attendants will have numerous opportunities, opportunities which I decided to brainstorm in today’s blog.  

Before moving to the benefits of attending this conference, let me briefly remind you of tomorrow’s schedule. First up will be two conferences held by Elina Zheleva, the founder of Design Thinking and Bes Bujupi, Senior Art director at AKQA. After the workshops, DOKU:TECH conference will continue with talks from Yanki Margalit, Laurent Haug, Elizabeth Stark, Kentaro Toyama and Peter Sunde. All are super-excited, but not as much as I am.

As of tomorrow, I am impatiently waiting to meet people and have fun tweeting, blogging, posting to Instagram and other social networks.

Here are the benefits but a few:

1. Create connections.


You get to drink çaj in Çajtore.


You get to take loooots of beautiful pictures (I know, I have.)


You get to meet with speakers face-to-face.


You can generate new ideas.


You get things started. You start moving.


You get to visit different points of interest such as: Lidhja e Prizrenit, Sinan Pasha Mosque etc.


You get to eat delicious ice-cream, if only you can hurry and eat it before it melts.


You get to enjoy watching the night-sky while listening to the Bistrica River flowing.


You get to share.


Remember, doors open at 16:00.

Doku neser,




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