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I hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Today I decided to dedicate my post to four women that inspire me the most. The reason why I admire them is that they have a chic and simple style. While I was growing up, my mother used to tell me that “Simplicity is gold,” and I guess this quote grew on me and therefore I feel more attracted to simplicity.

  1. Sincerely Jules
  2. Mija | creatorsofdesire
  3. Camtyox | Camille over the rainbow
  4. Danielle | weworewhat

From analyzing Mija’s pictures, anyone can tell that she is obsessed with white. I happen to be obsessed with white too and I just love how she combined the jeans with the t-shirt. She looks simple, clever and beautiful! Here’s the link to her website http://mija.creatorsofdesire.com/


The other blogger that I am utterly obsessed with is Jules. Every morning I go to her Instagram and enjoy the pictures she shares. She is the true definition of style. Here’s the link to her website http://sincerelyjules.com/

Camille is another fashion blogger that inspires me on a daily basis. She is not afraid to experiment with clothes and that is what I most value about her style. Here’s the link to her website http://www.camilleovertherainbow.com/ImageLast but not least, the amazing Danielle. She is an overall junkie, just like me, and happens to prefer causal style (just like me 🙂 ) I love the way she combined this outfit with converse sneakers. Comfy and cute…uhh and sexy! Here is the link to her website http://weworewhat.com/ Image

p.s I hope these women inspire you to experiment and try different things regarding your outfits. I know that sometimes you just ‘DON’T KNOW’ what to wear, but if you just scroll down their pictures, you can come up with an outfit that satisfies you.

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