Dear London

Salute everyone,

I promised earlier that I was going to write a post consisting detailed explanations regarding my trip in London, and here I am. I hope you will enjoy reading and I will try to take you back with me while narrating.

My dream of travelling to London started becoming more realistic when my best friend got accepted in Queen Mary and went to live in London. As a person I tend to be a little bit too curious and maybe maybe just a little bit too excited. Does “a little bit too” even make sense? As I was saying, I booked my plane ticket a month prior to my trip and I just don’t know how I was able to sleep for a month. However, since my expectations are usually pretty high, I tried to keep them at a normal rate so I would not get disappointed (how can you even get disappointed from London?). Since I was travelling with WizzAir, I was only allowed to bring a backpack with me so as you can probably guess by now, I struggled. A three hour flight went by fast and I finally landed on London.

This is the first picture I took in London. 🙂



At 10 am that day I was already set into my friend’s apartment and even though I was exhausted, I grabbed my back and went out exploring. The first place I went to is, no surprise, a shopping mall. To justify my action, well, I told you earlier that I did not have any clothes with me (besides the ones I had throughout my flight) so I was determined to buy a whole new outfit THAT DAY. Yes, I am very stubborn. Anyhow, I did not manage to buy a whole new outfit but I did manage to buy a shirt from H&M and I was happy with that, almost happy. After Westfield, me and my friend went to Oxford Street. Oxford Street was like a dream. I remember myself spinning around and looking around and just being satisfied, completely satisfied. Because I was starving, my friend took me to this place called Vapiano and I tasted the most delicious pasta Arrabiata.

Pasta Arrabiata in Vapiano. Outside it was raining. 



After a tiring day, we went at my friend’s apartment only to enjoy the beautiful view that her apartment offered. I was exhausted so I slept immediately. Instantly. Oh and we also took a picture in Top Shop that day.

My friend’s apartment. 


Here’s the picture we took in Top Shop.


The next day, as I woke up fresh and ready to hit the streets, we decided that we were going to eat breakfast in The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club was in Soho so we had to take the train from Stratford to Leicester Square (I think?) and then walked to the club. I was surprised to see a waiting line right in front and we had to wait for about an hour. As we were waiting outside, the waiter went out and brought us hot chocolate with marshmallows. It was very thoughtful and delicious. When we got in, we ordered Eggs Florentine and American Pancakes. It was the most delicious breakfast I had ever tasted in my life.

Waiting outside the Breakfast Club.


The breakfast.


Besides eating a lot that day, I visited Tate Modern, South-bank Center and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Exploring London turned out to be even more appealing. In Tate Modern I observed Picasso’s, Dali’s and many more artists’ paintings for the first time. In St. Paul’s Cathedral we sat down and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We bought two coffees and just observed different people passing by while being bathed in the sunlight.

St. Paul’s Cathedral


Tate Modern and Picasso


 Me and my friend are known for being adventurous and to support this sentence, we went on a cruise. People always say that spontaneous decisions make the best ones and I agree. Our cruise ended close to the Tower Hill and we bought two medium sandwiches Pret A Manger and sat on a bench. Everything was beautiful.

I took this picture in the ship while the sun was setting. 


2 am in the morning while we were going home from a pub on Leicester Square.

ImageA motivational quote which I found in my friend’s desk.


Enjoying macaroons from LaDuree while sitting in Covent Garden. 


Subway make-up.


Even though there were a lot of over things that happened which I am not revealing, I hope these pictures and my story encouraged and inspired you to go on a trip and explore. The main thing that I enjoyed the most while in London was the freedom and inspiration i felt while walking in the streets. I visited and explored many places in  five days and I can tell you that my feet weren’t happy at all. I ate, I shopped, I walked, I saw, I visited, I laughed, I ate again… I was happy. The most interesting part was that at the end of every day, we were able to just jump in the bed and say:

“This day was beautiful”

My friend and I


Yours truly,




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