A stranger writes

Hi people,

By the first sentence I’m taking the courage to tell you that it is not Fjoralba who’s writing this. She might get upset or maybe get excited (she’s unpredictable) I don’t know and I don’t actually care. First, I’m posting without her permission and second she’s not even aware that I can enter her blog. However she knows that I’m brave enough and very spontaneous so there’s not much that could stop me, neither can she.
Well… This wasn’t a usual introduction part as we do in school, although this isn’t actually an essay. It’s just me, my fingers and my iPhone trying to get over the procrastination on this lazy Sunday.

Straight to the point, Fjo has been my best friend since forever time ago. We have had our ups and downs through the years, some on which ones I can’t even remember and some others that make me wonder how the hell are we still best friends?! we probably had these kind of boyish problems at times, we could have said “friendship is over. Period” a couple of times. There was something that pulled us in. I don’t know if that something is going to hold on so long, but one thing I know for sure: I wouldn’t want to live a day without having her in my world … wherever, whenever, however our different and strange ways take us through. We’re not those types of people to ask for foreverness, we both know hearts can change. That’s what I love about ourselves! We are not friends because we have to or because we have been for years and now we can’t break it, but because we want to (or at least I do). On the other hand, it is not like we can’t go a day without talking to each-other. We are right in the middle and I wish our thing will never split. Wherever we will be in this big sphere we call earth, or even out of it, on vacations, on trips, on spaceships or most likely on studies… we’d know where the other half is, that’s where the best friend is!

Thank you for being there,

I will forever be thankful

Kic tiy.

Ps. Remember The Voice of Albania auditions? I wished you “to break a leg” tho you couldn’t hear from the noise of all the butterflies and emotions, sorry… I didn’t mean it literally!




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