A new pair of shoes

Flat boat shoesEver since shoes changed Cinderella’s life, they changed mine too. I was a little girl and clothes and shoes were very important to me. I loved picking out my own outfits for school, and finding just the right color or sandals to match. It truly was a passion. Even now, many years later, here I am, the same shopaholic and fashion maniac I have always been. Over the latter part of this century, it has become more likely for women to buy many shoes because of the growing diversity of shoe fashion, and of course, it has become more likely for me to buy a lot (a looooooot) of shoes. When people ask me what my favorite type of shoe is, I kindly ask them to wait 5 minutes as I show them my long list. I think every type of shoe is made for a specific event, place or time, and if they are comfortable and you match them correctly, you’re good.

P.S Have you ever had a pair of shoes cherished so much that you were afraid to run the risk of wearing them? Let me know!


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