A long lasting color

A long lasting Color, Sensual radiance, a new you. All these commercials from these big enterprises trying to sell their products, in this case LIPSTICK. What is lipstick really? What’s that special about it that makes women girls even small ones so attached to it. Is it the way it defines the lips? Let’s face it, lips are a big deal. Even artists and celebrities try their best in finding that best color, shade and glimmer that will make them look sexy and beautiful. It turns out that the actual term “lipstick” wasn’t first used until 1880 even though people were coloring their lips long before that date. Since then , a lot of formulas have been rearranged (after a lot of “lipstick gone wrong” fiascos) so today you’ll find all kinds of Indelible and waterproof lipsticks, lipsticks that change color upon application, and flavored lipsticks, moisturizing, smooth, rich, vibrant color in a wide range of shades. Vanilla Suede, Honey and Champaign,Speed Dial, Black Orchid , Crimson or Ladybug… all these weird catchy names that behold the widest variety of shades. Only the red shade has the largest number of names , but in my opinion Russian Red beats them all.

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