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A delayed poem

To Prague, 

and the girls who made everything


I miss waking up to the sound of nothing.

The sun light that woke us up each morning, even when we didn’t want to, I miss that.

And whenever I touched the apartment floor, I miss the crackling sound of old shattered wood.

I almost wished I didn’t wake you, but when you did I felt glad,

We had time to ourselves and we couldn’t let it go bad.


And the tiny kitchen, I miss cooking breakfast in that area full of heartfelt emotions and broken dishes.

Every so often it was an area full of quiet wishes.

Breakfast was always happy, because we had avocado and eggs.

Lunch was good, if only we were there.

And dinner, dinner was fun.

But only if we had our assignments done.

There were no other people, no other burdens,

We could’ve conquered the world in a day.


And the silence. I didn’t like the silence.

I hated that you dragged me into your maze of silent thoughts,

that’s where I got lost most of the time.

Sleep depriving.


And the dance, I loved the night.

Getting lost in music was getting lost in space,

We had no one to chase.

Somewhere where time had no dimensions.

Somewhere where meaningless actions had meaning.


And the dancing crowd around us,

We never saw them existing.

We searched for, longed for, and were forever lost in music.

I can’t remember the feeling of being lost here.


And the lens, I always told a story.

I either captured something I didn’t want to lose or something I wished I lost.

I was my own Steve McCurry.


And the socks. I never knew where they came from,

but I was glad we had our little “missing socks” part of the apartment.

They will forever be a mystery.


Just like the three of us in Prague,

Forever a little mystery.


Yours truly,






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