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In the beginning of January my family and I went skiing in Bansko. The highlight of our trip was that the Wi-Fi in our hotel was not working properly. It is amazing how more valuable our time together was during those days. We laughed, shared stories, picked on each other and played different games. This month taught me the importance of communication. It is the absolute cornerstone of every relationship in life.


February was the month of travel. My best friends and I attended Harvard Model United Nations and spent an amazing week in Boston and New York. Hana and I also celebrated our 22nd birthdays in Boston and got a cake delivery in our hotel room from our friend Festa. This was beyond thoughtful of her.

The highlight of this month was the acceptance letter from London School of Economics. We were stuck in the metro in New York, and while we were waiting I decided to check my email. Bam! I got accepted! I cried so much I can’t even remember. Oh and by the way, New York was breathtaking. In February I learned the importance of networking. Networking is all about building strong and smart relationships.



March was a little bit more boring. I worked on my thesis and also dealt with some health issues, but all turned out great. To be honest, I can’t recall any particular event about this month. But still, March taught me that it is okay to just chill sometimes. We are all constantly running around from one place to another and waking up to do exactly what we did the day before. It is important to live your life mindfully, slowly and with awareness. Less doing, more being.


My friends and I went to an Escape Room in Budapest. In case you don’t know, escape rooms are puzzles and riddles inside a room using clues, hints and strategies. Our challenge was to escape from an “Island” in 60 minutes by trying to find hidden keys, hidden riddles and lots of other exciting stuff. It was an amazing experience, and I am so glad I got to do it with my friends. This month taught me the importance of making and spending time with your friends. Although we had exams and stress, we all decided to go on a trip and spend the last days of our senior year together.


This month was probably the highlight of my whole year. I graduated. But I wasn’t excited only because I graduated, but because I was selected as the Keynote Speaker and I kept it a secret from my parents. I wanted my speech to be a surprise because I dedicate all my success to my parents and wanted them to feel exceptional. And I did that, I made them feel exceptional and proud. This month has taught me that no matter how hard the road gets, hard work always always always pays off, and it is one of the best feelings in the world. 


My family and I took a road trip together. Even though I live with my parents and see them every single day, I still feel like when we travel together we learn more about one another. I guess it is all because we are always growing, learning new stuff and making new experiences. June taught me to constantly be curious of my surroundings, learn about people, learn different perspectives. It taught me to continue seeking knowledge, to learn and to quench my curiosity.


This month I went outside my comfort zone and decided to start a youtube channel. I always wanted to do blogs but always felt a little bit shy and uncomfortable to share videos of myself online. When I shared my first video I got positive feedback that motivated me to continue and share other videos. I even had an amazing collaboration with Intersport and managed to publish two videos as part of a “Sweat in the City” project. This month taught me that our intentions should be kept close so we can focus our energy on them. If there is anything you want to try and do, do it! You will never know if you like it or not if you don’t try it.


August was the month of sea. I enjoyed the sun, the food and the waves. Nothing else mattered. I also started meditating regularly. On August I learned how to accept and understand myself by not letting this limit what I can be. I treated myself with love. I took care of myself.


On September I was feeling a little bit down. I had just graduated, spent an amazing summer and was waiting for other things to happen. I didn’t know what I was waiting for though. I decided to apply for a job. Well, 10 jobs to be precise. I was ready to work. September was a month of reflection, where I learned something interesting about myself. I can’t spend a long time doing nothing, I always need to have something to do otherwise I feel ineffective and unproductive.


On October I got a new job at a Digital Marketing Agency. To be honest, I never expected them to call me for an interview because I wasn’t meeting all of the requirements, and I was very surprised when they did. Everything went smoothly and I started working on 16th of October. This month taught me that we should never underestimate ourselves and our abilities. We should always know our worth.


November was a month of work and stress. I was adapting to the work environment, schedule and requirements, and it honestly felt like I was on a rollercoaster. Everything was going too fast but I managed to create new habits and fit them to my new lifestyle. I started working out at 6am, learn German and still devote what time I had left to my family and friends. I can’t lie, it was hard, but now it all turned out great. This month I learned to appreciate the value of the things I produce, because through creation I connect. I want my creativity, identity and my own pulse to always be present in everything I do, even if I am working for a client who is completely out of tune with what I believe in.

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On December I got to travel with my best friend. We spent a few days in Amsterdam, a day in Hague and a day in Brussels. I felt beyond lucky to have the opportunity of traveling with her. This month I learned to appreciate the beauty and fragility of life. I tried to not take things for granted.

What if we looked at a day the same way as we look at a year? What if we lay down in our bed one day and think of our day this way:

“Well, today was amazing because I managed to finish this task, go to this place, drink this juice, eat this burger, kiss this person etc… Today I learned that the meat in the burger should not be burned, and kissing someone after eating is not a good idea. Haha

Maybe if we looked at our days the same way we look at the whole year, we would feel more grateful, aware and happy with our lives. Know what I’m saying?


Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear readers. I wish you live a year that is mindful, slow, successful, filled with awareness and love. I wish you make time for yourself, conversations, being outdoors and seeking authentic connections. I love you all very much.

Yours truly,





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