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Training for my First Half Marathon

One of my silent and indirect goal for this year was to run a marathon. Well, this is not fully true. Running a marathon was always one of my lifetime goals. I want to live a life where I get to say “Hey, I ran a marathon in my twenties.” tenor

Surprisingly enough, I recently saw a poster for Prishtina Half Marathon on 29th of April. I quickly calculated the weeks and realized I had enough time (12-14 weeks) to prepare, so I decided to go for it. I am honestly feeling overly excited because the training involves a lot of discipline and also because the longest run I’ve done so far is a 10k in Germia. Even though I always run two to three times per week, usually a 3 or 5k, I know that this is my first half marathon and I need to give my body time to acclimate to the training and the running demands. I just hope I don’t get injured. Fingers crossed.

Here’s a video part of Sweat in the City series: RUNNING IN THE CITY

I have set up a nice plan based on research that does not involve every day runs. I’ve added yoga, strength training, jogs, up-hill sprints and cross-training to my plan. I’ll share the plan when I finalize the project.

Today, January 8th 2018, was my first day of training. I ran an easy-pace 5k. Before the run I had two dates filled with almonds and a big glass of water. It is important to give your body the right amount of energy before a workout. Anyway, I put my running shoes on, played some music and did a few important stretches. By the way, even though running is a high intensity workout, I enjoy playing slow and mellow songs while running. Is this weird or normal?


After the run I got back home and made myself a huge salad (just because it is a salad it doesn’t mean it is boring) and a cup of hot cocoa as a treat. BY THE WAY, I have discovered the best recipe for hot cocoa and I am going to share it very soon on the blog.

On another note, I am happy to say that IdealFit UK sent me some delicious vegan protein shakes that are low in carbs and high in protein. All of the flavors were delicious, easy to digest and full of vitamins, but my favorite flavor was chocolate. It was the perfect amount of sweet–> not to sweet = not too bitter. You can order their products anytime and they will ship to Kosovo.

Tomorrow is my strength training day, and I am planning to focus more on my upper body. I am planning to share a blog post every day of training, so I will update you with the results. I am glad I get to take you along on my journey.

P.S Do you know where I can buy a foam roller in Prishtina? 

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