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Sunday inspiration

There are moments in my life where I literally spend two (sometimes even more) hours in front of my closet not knowing what to wear. These days usually suck and I find myself desperately in need for inspiration. The source of my inspiration is usually my mother, who always finds a way of making me aware of the fact that I HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET, but still, I believe that every female needs to at least watch a few pictures or read fashion magazines that can boost your style-creativity up.

My idea of being inspired throughout the whole week is this:

Dear beautiful girl in front of the closet,

Every Sunday afternoon, make yourself a cup of tea and put on your favorite music. Sit in front of your closet and just observe the beautiful clothes that you have in. Take your laptop, go on google, pinterest, weheartit or any other website that you know will inspire you and type “outfit inspiration”. I promise you that as soon as you look at one picture, you can feel the inspiration coming in. One thing that I do encourage you is to come up with seven outfits for everyday. Even if you decide to not wear them, you at least have some sort of idea of what you’re going to wear. My advice to you is same as my professor once advised me: BE BOLD, BE BRAVE!

Have fun creating outfits!

Yours truly,









miranda kerr candid photo- blazer- grey t shirt- black shorts- celine maroon leather shopper bag




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