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Sand beneath my feet

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I was quite excited to start writing this post because I couldn’t get a good network connection while I was away and the stories and pictures which I am about to show you got bigger and more interesting each day. Unfortunately, a big part of my laptop keyboard seems to have stopped working since some of the characters work and some don’t. As for now, I am actually using an on-screen keyboard to try and wrap up anything I can remember about my vacation in Albania. I am beyond frustrated about my keyboard but still thankful that some parts of it still work.

As a start, I would proudly state that Albania is beyond beautiful and anyone who wishes to see tradition, kind people, good sea-food and beautiful beaches with crystal water should definitely consider visiting.

My family and I decided that we wanted to spend our vacation in Saranda, but ended up spending most of it in Dhermia while making a few stops along the way.

The first and most beautiful stop was Gjirokastra. I was quite impressed by the architecture that this breath-taking city still holds on to. The city of Gjirokastra is old and is located in southern Albania. It is not a big city, rather a small and intimate one that has a lot of history that needs to be remembered and communicated. A typical house in Gjirokastra looks like a fortified country house which is quite typical for buildings in southern Albania.

Our second stop was Saranda, which is located in southern Albania as-well. Saranda is definitely the most targeted city of the Albanian Riviera when it comes to beach and the sea. Other than the beach and the Ionian sea, just near Saranda you can find the remains of the ancient city of Butrint and explore more about the history of this age-old place.

Our third stop was Dhermi also located in southern Albania. Dhermi is one of the nine villages of Himara but is beyond beautiful and has the most astonishing coastline I’ve ever seen. The beaches of Dhermi indeed attract a lot of tourists but what I managed to witness is that the vast majority of tourists in Dhermi are mostly young generation who decide to spend a few days swimming in the crystal sea and having fun with friends. Since I initially went there with my family, I spent the days mostly taking pictures, reading, getting a tan and enjoying the weather.

I hope I did not talk as in “blla-blla” too much but Albania seriously deserves much more credit considering the amount of interesting things/places/people you can find there. I know that there is still room for improvement, but Albanias’ beauty, tradition, culture cannot be denied. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

Yours truly,

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