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Morning Workouts

I tried something new this week. Instead of working-out after work, I woke up each day at 5:30 in the morning and went to the gym.

The morning cold and darkness are definitely deal breakers, but it is somehow a relief to know that when I am done working out I still have time to go home, take a shower and and have a nice breakfast. ALL OF THIS before starting work at 8:00 am!!!

However, the first days were a real challenge.  I sometimes woke up at 5:51 and I had to rush to get dressed, brush my teeth, warm up the car and make it to the gym in time. The rushing made me crazy and I was not enjoying my workouts. To be honest, I though about quitting because I felt that I was doing myself more harm than good, but after a few days of struggle I finally got used to the schedule. I could even fix myself a smoothie, have a coffee with my parents after workout and even blow dry my hair (yes, it happened).

Find you Ikigai

Some of the benefits of working out in the morning when you have a tight schedule.

Having the rest of the day FREE for anything else.

I am less likely to miss out on any fun activity later in the day.

Starting the day healthy 

Working out early sets up a healthier tone for the rest of the day. You always want to continue with positive decisions throughout the day.

Higher productivity at work

“Working out can increase your mental clarity for four to 10 hours post-exercise.” Its not me, its research!

Better sleep 

(hint: you will sleep like a baby)

Sleeping after you already worked out in the morning…is…so…goooooooood. I can do it anywhere, anytime.

Sleeping like a baby
Me. Collapsing.

More time for family and friends <3 

Because I value time with family and friends extremely, I am happy to spend time with them after work.  I don’t know If I’ve told you this before but I am overemotional and I don’t want to miss a thing that happens with my family! Emotional connections are just so nourishing.

The best version of you

My advice to you is to start slow and then build from there.

Love yourself, love your body, love your thoughts. Work for that. 

And also, each time you need someone to talk to or get advice from, write me an e-mail. I can even set up a personal workout routine for you.





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