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It has been quite a long time since I last updated the blog, but this does not mean that I haven’t thought about it (I know this does not justify my absence.) Starting from today I am officially entering THE summer season since today was the last day of my sophomore year. Time flies! I know this sounds cliché, but I cannot stress enough the importance of enjoying everyday moments. Every time a stressful situation passes, I find myself asking why didn’t I simply enjoy it more? Was it worth worrying that much? Instead of sipping all that caffeine I could have relaxed my breathing. Instead of trying to figure out exchange rates on Macroeconomics, I could have gone for a run (which I did by the way.) But this, however, is easier said than done. I know we sometimes lose ourselves in the midst of all the payments, exams, conflicts etc., but it is important that whatever happens, you just keep growing. In my opinion, a person does not stop growing when he/she turns 18. According to the dictionary, growing is “the state of being mature,” or how I like to call it, the process of becoming ripe. Each day serves as an opportunity to grow within and it is up to you whether you chose to take the outcomes and make them a lesson. But did you ever take the time to really know yourself, who you      are, what you like, what you believe in? If not, I encourage you to try answering these questions. I made them up while procrastinating whether trade barriers or free trade would help our country’s economy. Productive procrastination, hehe!

Below are the questions and answers I made.

The most powerful human tool: Imagination

The most powerful word: Revolution

The job I wish I had: National Geographic Photographer

The most powerful remedy: Honesty

A place I wish to visit: The Great Wall of China

Favorite flower: Tulip

Best human accessory: Simplicity

Favorite color: Yellow

Modern or Antique: Antique

Favorite meal: Breakfast

One thing I am grateful for: Awareness

If you do answer these questions, send them at I would really like to read them!



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