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Holiday Gift Guide – on a budget

Each time holidays are close I completely run out of gift ideas to give to my family and friends. Because I want these gifts to be meaningful and interesting at the same time, I pressure myself so much that I simply fail to think of anything good. Ultimately I give up and end up begging google or pinterest for ideas. Mehh!

If you’re in the same place as I am, don’t panic, I’m here to save you.

For her.

Your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, fiancé, friend…

I love gifts that involve some kind of body scrub, body lotion or aromatic candles. The funny thing is that I never use these gifts just because they look so damn cute. But still, if you are running out of ideas to give to her, why not try combining some sea salt scrubs, coffee scrubs, fragrances or something similar? Or even better, why not bake some delicious chocolate chip cookies and put them in a jar? The ideas are never ending…










Or if your female relatives or girl friends recently became mothers, you could give them a perfect Christmas gift from a lovely company called Hello Baby Box.  What I love about this gift is that you have all the necessary baby clothes in a box, plus in a super good quality.


For him.

Your father, brother, boyfriend, almost boyfriend, husband, fiancé, friend… 

Give them comfort, a little bit of sweetness and booze. People generally tend to overspend on gifts because they believe that by buying something expensive they will show more appreciation or love, but we can always set up gifts on a budget that are probably even better. I am not excluding ideas such as a nice watch, a leather belt or a wallet, but some people value gifts that create memories, tackle feelings or even bring back nostalgic moments.









For your dog or cat. 

Imagine how happy would your dog or cat feel if you get them a cute gift? Definitely consider giving your four-legged friend a gift, holidays are all about love.









For you. 

We spend so much time thinking of others (which is not bad) so that sometimes we forget the most important part of you, YOU. I encourage you to think of something you wanted to do, buy or create for a long time and do it. Give yourself a gift too, even if it’s just a simple kiss to someone. Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love.

Here are some gifts you can give to yourself:

The little achievements like waking up on time, or going to bed at a reasonable time, or just being able to go through the day. The softness of your lovers skin. Dandelions. Driving with the windows rolled down. That moment when you let it all out when your heart feels a little lighter. Naps and good sleeps. Outdoor cinemas, late night movies, mouth full of popcorns. A smile.

Any gift idea I should know about?

Leave a comment below 🙂

Yours truly,




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