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3 Tips to Balance Work & Social Life

Regardless of how much we attempt to keep it all together, there is always something that wrecks up our calendar. To be completely honest, I never genuinely understood the battle of balancing work and social life until a few weeks ago. The struggle caught me unprepared and I found myself sprinting to catch up with things. I was literally eating with a timer, sleeping with a timer, going out with a timer…and I knew it had to stop.

I decided to include life hacks that have helped me stay organized and productive throughout the day. From making my bed in the morning to cleaning out my bag at the end of each day, here are some life hacks I swear by:

Sleepy Busy Girl
me…most of the time

Stay Organized




S simple  Mmeaningful A actionable  R realistic T timely 


I plan my outfits before I go to sleep, so when I wake up I don’t have to think about it. Cutting out the aimless staring into my closet in the mornings helps streamline my routine and get me out of the door so much quicker!



I leave my bag fully packed with everything I need the next day.  Wallet, snacks, headphones, napkins, make-up, body mist and notebook.



I don’t really devote much time to make-up, especially when going to work. But I still make sure I look decent so I have this simple 5 minute make up routine that gets me going each time.

It’s just eyebrows, primer, foundation, a little bit of blush and a lipstick (color depends on the outfit). C’est tres simple.

Five minute make-up look


I’ve told you before that I don’t wash my hair very often because I want to keep it healthy for longer, and I am lucky that my hair does not get greasy. I usually keep my hair down (zero effort), but sometimes I like to twist my hair into a messy bun or braid.

Messy Hair


I’ve always been a healthy eater, so when I started to work I knew I had to incorporate meal prep. Meal prepping is perfect if you are trying to save time, save money, eat healthy or even reduce stress of last minute decisions on what to eat. On Sundays you can cook in batches, like two cups of rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, couscous or whatever you like and then mix it into salads or nourishing bowls.


A little progress each day adds up to big results


Make Plans Ahead

If you have already planned to go out with your friends on Monday night, you probably will. This always works for me because I plan ahead and make sure I manage my time around that date. And I don’t like to


Let Go of Perfectionism

  • If you woke up late today, its okay.
  • If you forgot to plan your outfit or meal today, its okay.
  • If you missed your workout today, its okay.
  • If you fell asleep when you were not supposed to, its okay.
  • If you forgot your wallet today, its okay.
  • If you missed a date with your friends, its okay.
  • If you were the messiest person in the world today, its still okay.

Don’t mix perfectionism with staying organized. It’s okay to be messy from time to time and allow yourself the freedom of making mistakes. Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity.

What are your tips on staying organized? Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂

Yours truly,






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  1. Loved the tips!

    I tend to write down everything I have to do in my planner because I’ve been very forgetful recently. To distinguish important activities I use different colored pens and highlighters. That also makes planning more fun! 🙂

    1. albakrp says:

      That’s perfect, plus you can also hang your notes in the wall or a vision board and that’s cool too. Thanks Rinush for your comment💜

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