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Fjo goes to Ljubljana

Yes, it has been a really long time since I last posted, but I do have a good explanation. I believe that summer should not be wasted and used usefully (in a fun way) so I decided to spend three weeks in Ljubljana at the Faculty of Economics Ljubljana University. I arrived in Ljubljana on Saturday and took a tour through the city immediately. The beautiful Ljubljanica river, flowers hanging at the window, old architecture and people amazed me.

Since Ljubljana is, according to me, the city of bikes, I rented a bike for a week and the funny/awesome thing is that I only paid 1 euro.
The city is not very big so I use the bike as a travelling method and I enjoy it. My classes at the university turned out to be not-so-easy-peasy so whenever I have time to post something I promise I will. As for now, I am uploading some pictures that I took during these four days.

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